What is Labelcaster?

Labelcaster automates much of the tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks of running a music label business. Through our browser interface or iOS app, you can: We take care of all the time-sinking tasks of administration, so you can focus on the vital elements of your label’s growth—like artist relations, business development and promotions.

Can anyone get an account?

Anyone can apply for an account with us. We screen every application, and if we think you’re a good fit, we’ll approve the application and welcome you aboard the platform!

How is Labelcaster different from an aggregator like DistroKid or CDBaby?

Labelcaster is different from other services in many ways, the biggest one being that we focus on delivering music for independent labels more than lone artists. Artists are of course using Labelcaster to self publish their music, but our system is built to best serve an independent label with a bigger catalog, more artists and […]

Do you have an app?

The Labelcaster service works as an app in any web browser on any platform. If you have an account you can login here We also offer Labelcaster as an iOS app. Get it on the App Store:

I already have a label, can I use Labelcaster?

You bet! You can transfer any existing catalogue(s) to our system, free of charge, and we will help you to manage a seamless transition. If you want to try Labelcaster out, you can add just a few releases to start and see how it goes, then transfer later if you want (or not). Or, maybe […]

Does Labelcaster distribute music?

Yes. We provide complete label distribution services, distributing globally to all the major streaming services (also known as DSPs) such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud, TikTok, Facebook/Instagram, Audiomack, Snap, and many more—now over 40 services supported in over 230 territories. You can set up your releases entirely from […]

What does Labelcaster cost? What is your pricing?

Our pricing model is straightforward. We take a 10% commission fee on all music royalties going through the Labelcaster system. That fee includes all the services we offer—music distribution to all DSPs, contracts handling and archival, reporting, split handling and payments. You pay nothing additional to distribute music. There are no upfront account costs. We […]

Can I sign artists?

Of course! We have used the best legal expertise around to create label/artist contract templates. The templates are designed to cover the mechanical royalties for each release and the split between each party of the agreement is saved in the Labelcaster system. When the royalties are paid out from the streaming services, our system pays […]