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About us

Turning the music industry on its head

With over 120,000 songs uploaded to music streaming services daily, listeners are flooded by amateurs and hobbyists. Over 9 in 10 artists never get more than 1000 monthly listeners—that’s over 7 million artists virtually unheard. And it’s getting worse.

The need for record labels couldn’t be greater. Professional labels provide artist development, marketing and promotion to gain their music traction. However, a lack of trust, inadequate services and a host of administrative details like accounting, legal, contracts, reporting and so on, seriously hamper label owners’ ability to grow. Our founder, Nome Norman, felt that pain trying to get his own label off the ground, so he set out to do something about it. He started Labelcaster to reconstruct the music industry, helping Indie labels build their businesses.

 We at Labelcaster have created a trustworthy and fully transparent platform with automated services to enable label businesses to focus on the right activities. A small upstart based in Stockholm, we are devoted and frankly crazy enough to take on all the time-sinking, soul crushing details, so you can do what matters most to ensure your artists thrive