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The Labelcaster Service

Record label distribution done right

Imagine an all-in-one record label distribution service where you sign artists, release their music, see reports and pay all participants with no effort. Release music from multiple artists without worrying whether everyone gets paid, with full confidence of transparent contracts and reporting to see where the money comes and goes.

Labelcaster sorts all this out for you.

We provide a service where you sign artists, set up splits, and track contracts, prepare releases for distribution right from your mobile phone. Labelcaster distributes to all the DSPs then tracks each release’s performance, reporting to and paying all participants their royalty shares directly. You can even add recoupment expenses, paying back affected parties before royalty splits kick in.

Because each artist has their own account, they can sign and view their contracts, monitor release performances, see detailed reports, and cash out royalties without your assistance. From their account, they can upload the content you need—such as sound file, album cover art and metadata—for releasing their music to the digital services.

Your life as a label manager just got a lot easier.

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