Of course! We have used the best legal expertise around to create label/artist contract templates. The templates are designed to cover the mechanical royalties for each release and the split between each party of the agreement is saved in the Labelcaster system. When the royalties are paid out from the streaming services, our system pays out the royalties based on the contractual split.

All contracts are signed and saved digitally in the our secure cloud service.They are available and downloadable at all times for all parties, fully transparent and fair.

Of course, you also can use your own offline contracts if you wish. and have us handle the splits.🔼THIS SHOULD BE SOMEWHERE ELSE?🔼

You run your label and distribute music from as many artists as you need to. The contracts we provide are not based on Artist career agreements though. It’s an important difference in that we provide license agreements that are tied only to each release specifically. You are of course free to sign your artists to your label outside of the platform, this is totally up to each independent label!