How do I get paid? How do I pay participants like artists and collaborators?

Labelcaster has automated the payout process for labels and artists. Streaming revenues from the DSP’s are split based on your contractual agreements. Each participant (artists, collaborators, whoever is receiving a share of the royalties) has an account and then sets up how to get paid in our app. We take it from there. As of […]

How are royalties split between label and artist?

Labelcaster will ask you to set and agree on a split between the label and participant(s) for each release as you set it up. Each release can have as many participants in the royalties as you like—as long as it all totals 100%. We automatically distribute royalties based on these splits, and provide reporting and […]

Can I view my sales and data in the app?

We have built a set of dashboards for you. You can see exactly how much each release has been streamed, where it has been streamed and a calculation of estimated royalties. Artists can see the same information on their accounts.