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Creating a new music industry

Your record label business shrunk to the size of a mobile phone

The labelcaster service

We’re turning the music industry on its head, helping indie labels build their businesses. We’ve created a fully transparent platform with automated services to handle contracts, distribution, reporting and payouts. You can focus on what matters for your label business — artist development, marketing and promotions. Leave those soul-crushing administrative and legal details to us.

Your artists’ music released on all DSPs worldwide – no upfront cost

We distribute your label’s music to all major online music services (DSP’s), including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, TikTok. Get your music out quickly and reliably, with no upfront costs and no release  limits. We ensure your music is displayed correctly at all stores.

No hassle contracts and splits for as many participants as you need

Set up contracts and splits with as many participants as you like. Our automated and secure platform lets you create, sign and track contracts with your artists and other collaborators right from your phone. Want to use your own contract and have us to track and payout splits? No problem. 

Track all your music’s revenue, royalties and splits across all territories and sources anytime

In a glance, see the performance of your tracks. Full transparency on your royalties, with their sources and territories updated monthly. All participants can have their own account and reports. 

Payments made immediately to all participants

We take care of payments and reporting, so you don’t need to handle statements, invoicing or cutting checks. As soon as reports come in, money is available to all participants with no delay. 

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