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The Labelcaster Service



Your label’s virtual accountant

The Labelcaster service makes payments directly to all artists and collaborators. Our reporting system is fully automated and detailed enough to keep track of progress. You don’t wait for quarterly reports to have your earnings made available to you. We report monthly and pay out at the same time we collect royalties.

You do not have to spend time creating reports, connecting royalties to splits, handling statements, invoicing, writing checks, making transfers — all of that time consuming, non-creative stuff.

Each participant has an account and sets up payment information for transfer though PayPal or Revolut. Artist and collaborators can feel confident they’ll get their royalty payments quickly and cleanly. As a label owner you can rest assured knowing everything is taken care of.

Request payment right from the app anytime you like
It really is as simple as tapping to get paid

A new way of doing business for a new breed of record labels

Want to get out of the old music industry and be part of a fair and modern way of handling your business? We’re here.
This is true for existing indie labels as well as for young entrepreneurs who want to get their label business started in the music industry.

Ready to grow your record label business?