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Protect and Compensate all collaborators

Modern music making requires modern contract handling

In today’s music industry, many people collaborate on a release’s production. These participants—artists, writers, producers, and even promoters and investors sometimes—all need proper credit and compensation for their contributions. That spells a legal and administrative nightmare to handle in the current traditional fashion. Labelcaster has a contract system that is open, fair, easy to understand and secures all participants get their due.

Setup, manage, track and sign contracts to all participants right from your mobile
Use our contract system to safely and fairly eliminate lawyers and administrators
Manage and track contracts from your mobile

Simple and clear for all — a system everyone can trust

We offer a legally airtight contract template tied to each release, one that all participants can easily read and understand. Each participant can see how the royalties are split. Signing and tracking contracts is done right on their mobile devices, so no need to hunt down participants with paper, pens and return envelopes. Add as many participants in as many roles and split percentages as you like. Once signed, we carry out splits and payments to all participants directly as agreed. Contracts are archived forever in our secure cloud system—never lost and always accessible by all signees.

Of course, if you have your own contract and want just to use our split and payment management, that works, too.

Get rid of the lawyers — your time and money are better spent elsewhere

We understand that as a label owner, you have a lot to juggle. We cut out lawyers and legal staff, filing clerks, courier services, accountants and headaches. You gain time, trust and the confidence of your artists.

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